Online Disputes

Why Litigate When You Can Mediate?
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) involves the use of technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes via negotiation, mediation or arbitration (ADR) between the parties outside the formal court system. While ODR has been around for some time the impact of Covid-19 and it’s effects on people, businesses, travel and meetings have completely altered how we function and work today. These changes have resulted in an increase in the use of ODR to cope with the spike in conflict and disputes resulting from the lock down.
The scope of ODR offered by Bridge Mediation to our clients can range from simple teleconferencing facilities such as ZOOM to a dedicated comprehensive ODR platform covering the entire process from creating a claim, managing the associated documentation to concluding with a signed settlement document.

Bridge Mediation works with parties to tailor the ODR process to meet their needs and provide tips on how to use ODR effectively.

The Benefits of

Online Dispute Resolution

Geographic flexibility: it is easier for parties to agree on a time and a place to suit themselves and have the right people attend the mediation with the authority to settle the dispute. Parties can also use a mediator with subject matter experience.

Online mediation save time and money: parties are more productive as they no longer need to travel to meet at a neutral location or to attend a crowded court.

Reduced stress levels as people feel more comfortable: parties no longer are required to sit together in the same room

Quick and affordable access to a resolution: the use of technology combined with a collaborative dispute resolution process focuses on finding a solution and avoids a costly and lengthy court system.

Today, the shift towards Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) combined with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) seems inevitable, providing mediators with an opportunity to enhance and transform dispute resolution rather than simply replace the traditional mediation process.

If you are interested in using ODR to resolve your dispute please contact us to discuss how ODR may be used to find a solution for your situation.


What our clients are saying about our mediation services
  • I retained Chris to assist in resolving a seemingly implacable “disharmony” between two valued employees that was significantly impacting my office in Sydney. He saw each employee alone and then had a third meeting with both of them. The change was extraordinary, not only was “peace” brought to the office but they became the best of friends and remain so. On this one episode alone I would unreservedly recommend Chris.

    Kim Darling
    Managing Director
  • I needed a mediator so I googled “I need a mediator“. I was put onto Chris from Bridge Mediation .Chris was so helpful and fair and explained how everything worked. If you need a mediator I recommend Bridge Mediation.

    Laurence G
  • Thank you for your facilitation services in what has been a very difficult situation. We can now see the positive progress we are making. Your calm, respectful, considerate and very professional manner was like a breath of fresh air at the meeting and most welcome.

    Carmel V.
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