Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation Sydney
“Elder Mediation” is a co-operative process in which a professionally trained elder mediator assists an older person and their families to discuss important topics, work through issues in order to make decisions and reach agreements which have a particular impact on older adults.
Elder mediation is a focused, preventative, and respectful process usually involving multiple parties, multiple issues, and being inter-generational in nature.
The mediator facilitates the discussions focusing on strengths and empowerment and assists the participants to both listen and be heard in a safe and respectful manner in order to address their stated wishes and concerns.

Chris Pitts is a trained elder mediator and a member of EMAN

Where may Elder Mediation be useful?

Elder Mediation may be used to address conflict and disputes in the following areas:


What our clients are saying about our mediation services
  • I retained Chris to assist in resolving a seemingly implacable “disharmony” between two valued employees that was significantly impacting my office in Sydney. He saw each employee alone and then had a third meeting with both of them. The change was extraordinary, not only was “peace” brought to the office but they became the best of friends and remain so. On this one episode alone I would unreservedly recommend Chris.

    Kim Darling
    Managing Director
  • I needed a mediator so I googled “I need a mediator“. I was put onto Chris from Bridge Mediation .Chris was so helpful and fair and explained how everything worked. If you need a mediator I recommend Bridge Mediation.

    Laurence G
  • Thank you for your facilitation services in what has been a very difficult situation. We can now see the positive progress we are making. Your calm, respectful, considerate and very professional manner was like a breath of fresh air at the meeting and most welcome.

    Carmel V.
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