Business Disputes

Business Disputes

Bridge Mediation can assist you, your clients, your suppliers and your employees with an opportunity to work together with the assistance of a mediator/facilitator/neutral third party in order to find a resolution to your business problems created by conflict.

Running a business involves interacting with multiple individuals and organisations who make up your supply chain. Problems will occur from time to time which may lead to ongoing conflict and disputes with any one of these parties. Most disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively through facilitated communications between decision makers.
If you are unable to resolve this conflict and reach an agreement seriously consider using an appropriate dispute resolution process to enable all the parties involved to discuss the problem, explore options, find a solution and restore their working relationship which is critical to the success of your business. This is a better approach than resorting to costly and time consuming litigation in order to have a court make a determination for you.

Benefits of

Using Bridge Mediation

Benefits of

Mediation for Both Parties

business disputes

Mediation Process Model

Request for Mediation

Request for Mediation

  • What is the dispute?
  • Negotiations fail to resolve dispute
  • Identify participants involved in dispute
Appointment of Mediator

Appointment of Mediator

  • Roles and Mediation Agreement
  • Voluntary, Self-determination
  • Neutrality, Confidentiality
Preparation by each Party

Preparation by each Party

  • Parties prepare brief position statements
  • Identify interests and Needs
  • Consider various outcomes
Joint Session and Discussions

Joint Session and Discussions

  • Mediator’s Opening statement
  • Parties Statements
  • Agenda – Identification of issues
Private Meetings with each Party

Private Meetings with each Party

  • Identify Opportunities
  • Risks
  • Reality Testing
Final Session

Final Session

  • Options for Resolution
  • Negotiate the details
  • What if no agreement


What our clients are saying about our mediation services
  • I retained Chris to assist in resolving a seemingly implacable “disharmony” between two valued employees that was significantly impacting my office in Sydney. He saw each employee alone and then had a third meeting with both of them. The change was extraordinary, not only was “peace” brought to the office but they became the best of friends and remain so. On this one episode alone I would unreservedly recommend Chris.

    Kim Darling
    Managing Director
  • I needed a mediator so I googled “I need a mediator“. I was put onto Chris from Bridge Mediation .Chris was so helpful and fair and explained how everything worked. If you need a mediator I recommend Bridge Mediation.

    Laurence G
  • Thank you for your facilitation services in what has been a very difficult situation. We can now see the positive progress we are making. Your calm, respectful, considerate and very professional manner was like a breath of fresh air at the meeting and most welcome.

    Carmel V.
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